Welcome to the Practice of DR. JOANNA DELEO, where our singular concern is

helping our patients realize their facial and body rejuvenation goals. 

With the new stem cell therapy, we can offer alternatives to invasive surgery for those suffering with:

- Joint Pain

- Chronic Conditions

- Degenerative Diseases

And as much as beauty truly comes from within; but our age, genetics, and other external factors can affect our appearance and our daily lives. Yet vanity is not always the driving force. In the majority of our patients,

we find that improving their looks dramatically influences their self-esteem in a very positive way.

Will removing excess body fat and fitting better into clothing improve your outlook?

Will eliminating frown lines or wrinkles make you smile more?

Does your outer 'me' match your inner beauty? We can help!

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in Harrisburg, PA.



Body & Facial Rejuvenation

​​liposuction & HAIR REMOVAL


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