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Body & Facial Rejuvenation

​​liposuction & HAIR REMOVAL


--- The VASER Liposelection was a fast and painless office procedure.  I resumed my regular job duties as a full time Kennel Owner and Dog Groomer in two days.  During my six week recovery period, I experienced a tolerable amount of swelling and pain.  After the allotted time span, I was able to fit into and zip up my jeans without dieting or lying on the bed to shift the excess tummy fat.  Now that my body has an appealing contour again, I am not self-conscious about wearing my bathing suit in public.  After menopause, I’ll never see my 30 year old body, but my friends and family tell me I look great at 58.  You only have one life and one body, make the best of it!  ~ N from Halifax, PA

-- I am very pleased with my LipoSelection experience.  It is an easy and rather painless way to acquire a contoured body again, especially with aging.  It has gotten rid of excess fat I was not able to diet or work off.  The procedure is quick and easy and the staff is very helpful and supportive.  Dr. DeLeo is great.  I can honestly say they know how to make surgery fun!  I love my new body!  Thank you!  ~ V from Enola, PA

--- My procedure was very effective without any downtime.  I particularly appreciated the easy financing option.  Much more to come! ~ L from Lemoyne, PA

--- While I really wanted to do something to get rid of my mid-life body changes, I would not consider invasive techniques of plastic surgery or liposuction because of my fear of needles and dislike for general anesthesia.  Additionally, as a CEO in a profession with much media attention, whatever I opted to consider needed to be such that I could return to work quickly and the change wasn’t so drastic, it would be immediately noticeable.  VASER seemed to be my answer – minimal discomfort, the ability to return to work immediately, and a gradual change to my body.  And it was!  I even had the procedure done on another body part!  ~ M from Dillsburg, PA

--- I was very nervous about the procedure.  Dr. DeLeo and her staff eased my anxiety with their knowledge, care and concern.  I received a telephone call the day after my procedure.  Dr. DeLeo called to make sure I was doing OK.  That blew me away.  The results are phenomenal.  I feel as if I am 21 again.  I would recommend VASER to anyone who wants or needs a “boost.”  ~ L from Elizabethtown, PA